Federico García Lorca

Free, open online course available in English and Spanish, delivered by the University of Granada (UGR).

The UGR is offering a comprehensive, direct learning experience to all those interested in the work of García Lorca. It has been devised to provide all the rigour and depth one would expect from a university course, with all modules designed and structured by a team comprising lecturers from the Department of Spanish Literature at UGR, together with renowned international experts on Lorca. The content covers his output as both poet and playwright, set in the general context of the literary and cultural period in which he produced his work.

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6 weeks
Taught in Spanish and English
Academic coordinator
Encarna Alonso Valero
Department of Spanish Literature, University of Granada
Knowledge areas
Literature, Culture, Art, History
Recognition and certificates
Certificate of Participation

Students who follow the weekly schedule and complete the activities proposed in the course will be entitled to receive a certificate of participation. This certificate is free of charge and can be downloaded in PDF format.



This course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the work and artistic trajectory of Federico García Lorca. The content will cover both his poetry and his drama, and will examine the general characteristics of the literary and cultural period in which Lorca produced his work.

The course is divided into six modules, sequenced chronologically to reflect the evolution of García Lorca’s oeuvre, and will be delivered over a six-week period.

An experienced team of scholars and researchers at national and international level have structured this course to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts surrounding Lorca’s world and the keys to achieving a proper reading of his work.

It is with great pleasure that the UGR has developed audiovisual materials specifically for the purpose of this course, and is providing complementary learning resources and direct online assistance. The aim is to bring the work of Federico García Lorca to all those keen to learn more about the man and his art.

Course details

1898-1921. Young Federico García Lorca Week 1

Lorca’s Literary Education

El Maleficio de la Mariposa

Libro de Poemas

1922-1926. The Years of Early Maturity Week 2

Tradition Meets the Avant-garde

The Emotion of Escalofrío

An Open Forum

1927–1929. The Poet’s Light is that of Contradiction Week 3

An Avant-garde Reading of Romanticism

Between the Beauty of Form and Remarkable Freedom

The Light of Contradiction

1930-1931. The Possible and the Impossible Week 4

New York and Havana

The Theatre of the Future: El Público and Así que Pasen Cinco Años

The new life that is hovering over the world

La Zapatera Prodigiosa and Amor de don Perlimplín

1932-1934. The Tragedy Begins Week 5

First Forays of La Barraca

Lorquian tragedies

Bodas de Sangre and Yerma

Buenos Aires and the Return to Spain

1935-1936. The last Lorca Week 6

Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías

Diván del Tamarit

Sonetos del Amor Oscuro

Doña Rosita la Soltera

La Casa de Bernarda Alba

International Lorquists Cross curricular module

García Lorca and music in Granada Cross curricular module