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Week 1

Week 1

by Pablo Lopez Chaves - Number of replies: 0

Dear participants, 

At the beginning of each week, we will post a briefing on the key contents that the newly opened module offers. 

First of all, please note that the MOOC is displayed in both English and Spanish languages. To set your preferred language up, please click on your profile (top right corner), then choose preferences and then preferred language. 

Module 1 invites you to know more about: 

1.1 Sierra Nevada: The very ceiling of Iberia

1.2 The discoverers of Sierra Nevada

1.3 The inhabited Sierra Nevada

1.4 The three-thousanders of Sierra Nevada

1.5 El Parque Nacional y Natural de Sierra Nevada

1.6 Testimony "El valor de las montañas"


Each module has a series of Units. Each one of this units includes an introductory video as well as a document. 

Each module also discloses an questionnaire to check your knowledge. Every Friday at 9:00 AM approx. a second test will be open, whose successful completion is mandatory to pass the MOOC. If this questionnaire is completed, a dedicated badge will be added to your profile.