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Hello & about

Hello & about

by Pablo Lopez Chaves - Number of replies: 0

Hi everyone! I’m Pablo, a non-typical Grenadian (if such a cliché was real) who was born under the shade of Sierra Nevada. My personal and professional career has led me to study at the University of Granada, where amongst other activities I had the privilege of achieving a PhD. of History under the supervision of professor Manuel Titos. Nowadays I am happy to combine these university tasks with another passion: unravelling the mystery of History and Heritage as an official local guide in Granada. 

As life is too short to live it in a boring way, I am a husband to a wonderful wife and a father to a couple more children than you might have imagined, so boredom slipped out of my schedule long time ago. During my free time I love watching good movies, reading collections of popular tales, walking before sunset and, of course, taking a break (hiking or riding my motorbike) on that overwhelmingly peaceful and beautiful scenery these mountains are. 

As one of the tutors and coaches for this MOOC, I’m here to walk along with you through this exciting journey. So, as every Grenadian (also the non-typical ones) would say ¡A mandar!