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Module 7 open now

Module 7 open now

by Pablo Lopez Chaves - Number of replies: 0

Dear participants, 

We are pleased to announce the opening of Module 7, a transversal vision of Sierra Nevada through arts & culture. To do so, we wish to thoroughly encourage you to engage with its content and forums, not only because of the certifications or badges, but also because this MOOC brings to you the chance to know firsthand one of our most special collaborators. 

Who hasn't ever chased a ray of light which is about to shine amongst the clouds in the wilderness? Who hasn't felt, even humbly, the thrill of capturing with a camera a precise instant that treasures the everlasting beauty of Nature?

We're pretty sure that many of you have a lot to share in this matter. As Prof. Titos states in capsule 7.4, we're witnessing a true boom of professional and amateur Nature Photographers. Being an unprecedented context that brings close to almost everyone the chance to enjoy and learn this art, we're pleased to announce Mr. Roberto Travesí as one of our tutors in this MOOC. 

Roberto Travesí has a long professional career closely related to Sierra Nevada, having been distinguished twice with the most prestigious international Nature Photography award: the BBC Wildlife Photography of the Year. 

We invite you to take advantage of this fantastical chance to share your doubts and questions on photography techniques and gear, as well as to let us see your contributions and hear what Roberto can comment as an specialist and teacher.

Besides, we would like to know the history behind the scenes of every take so that we can fully grasp its beauty and singularity in its entire dimension. 

Are you ready?