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6.3 Association Rules

In the following content, Elena Ruiz Sánchez, Developer at PerkinElmer and Member of DasCI, will teach us how to apply different association rule algorithms, how to interpret the results obtained, and how to use metrics and visualizations to automatically evaluate the results.

The example has been designed using the Python programming language, and this document details the theoretical framework of the methods and/or instructions used, as well as the Python code that would be used to carry out each of the steps. of the analysis.

The evaluation of the module will be carried out based on the information contained in it as well as the content of the videos of the module. Additionally, although it is not necessary to pass the module, for those who want to execute the commands and have previous knowledge with Jupyter Notebooks, we have made the Python Notebook available to you where you can execute the code. To do this, you must enter the following link with a gmail account. Notebook / Notebook (link to Google Collaboratory)
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