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Presentation and Welcome

The MOOC-UGR on Federico García Lorca is an online course that is free of charge, open, and available in both English and Spanish. It is organized by the University of Granada.

Our intention is to facilitate a learning process that is quick, straightforward, but not simplistic, and that provides all the scientific rigour required of university education. The MOOC-UGR on Federico García Lorca covers the artist’s poetry and his theatrical productions, as well as the general characteristics of the literary and cultural period in which he worked.

In the following video,Gabriel Maciá Fernández (Director of the Resource Production Center for Digital University–CEPRUD, University of Granada) introduces us to this MOOC-UGR.

In the following video,Laura García Lorca President of the Fundación Federico García Lorca welcomes us to the programme.

And in this video, scholars Encarna Alonso Valero and Luis García Montero of the University of Granada’s Department of Spanish Literature outline the significance of García Lorca and present the course content.

Last modified: Monday, 6 September 2021, 5:15 PM