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Get the Official Certificate

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Previous considerations

One document is offered, accrediting the massive online course "Federico García Lorca".

Students who have passed the course may apply for the academic recognition of 3 ECTS credits as a cultural activity for all the degrees of the University of Granada, approved in the Report of the Securities Commission on the recognition of credits for university activities during the second semester of the 2021 academic year -2022 (approved in ordinary session of the Governing Council of July 23, 2021). For this, the official credit recognition certificate must be requested. The cost per credit is € 12, so the total to be paid will be € 36.

Only students who have passed the course can access this certificate. To do this they must have obtained the badges associated with all the modules and the final badge before the end date of the course announced.

The payment will be made by accessing the address with the access data used in OpenUGR Once inside the certificates available to the user and their status will be displayed. Certificates may not appear on this page until a few days after the end of the course. It is very important to make sure that the information that appears is correct, since it will be the data used to create not be changed.the certificate. If they are not correct, they can be modified by clicking on the white pencil icon in the upper right part of the certificate.

NOTICE!!! Once the certificate is sent to pay, the certificate data can not be changed.

Checked the data you can click on the Pay button, showing a summary of the transaction.

Pressing to continue with the payment we access the payment gateway of the University of Granada


This screen summarizes the transaction again and we must accept the Policies and Conditions of the Virtual POS to finally pass to the financial institution.


This is the secure page of the financial institution in which the payment information must be entered. Accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. Once entered, click on Pay.If the data is correct you will get a page like the one shown below indicating that the payment has been satisfactory.


NOTICE!!! In order for the process to finish correctly, it is very important to press CONTINUE on this screen and thus return to the POS homepage. Payment has been successfully completed when the following message appears.

From that moment the center will have received the payment and the process of creating the certificate that could last several days will be launched. To check the status of the certificate and download it when available, visit the address:

In which a screen of this type will appear:


The certificates will appear on this page, with a download button when they are signed from the International Graduate School. If you have any problem with the payment process send us a detailed description of the error as possible using this

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