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Module 5 discussion forum

In this forum we will comment on different aspects of this first block.

Participate in the different threads or debates that interest you, always in a constructive manner.

The forums are a social space conceived to enhance the learning experience. If you wish to take part, do so with respect.

We hope to hear your contributions. But first read our Netiquette guidelines for forums wink

Go ahead!

And remember, we are also on Twitter with the course hashtag #MOOCml_bioinformatica.

Come on! Remember that we are also on Twitter with the hashtag #MOOCUGRLorca. Please notice that we will normally open a thread in Spanish and another in English in every module, because, as you might already know, this is a bilingual Mooc. You can contribute in both threads but using the default language in order to make the participation easier and to facilitate the work of our tutors, who are always keeping an eye out your contributions and opinions. Keep it up and Go on !!

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