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Module 1 Questionnaire open now

Module 1 Questionnaire open now

by Pablo Lopez Chaves - Number of replies: 0

Dear participants, 

We have already reached the first milestone in our journey! Can you believe it?

As you know, it is necessary to pass a questionnaire on every week's module to successfully complete the MOOC and apply for official certification if you wish to. 

The one assessing contents on this first module is open now. Do not worry if cannot complete it right away, since it is possible to complete each one of them until Friday the 12th Nov. Nevertheless, we strongly advise you not to procrastinate!

Please, be aware that the questionnaire that you can find on each module's forum is just a mock test to revise your knowledge and it is optional. The one that you need to complete can be found on the  Main Page under the "Requirements to successfully complete this MOOC" tab.

We will also open a new thread on Module 1 for you to share your thoughts and impressions so please, don't be shy!

Thanks for walking with us. Let us take some rest and get ready for the next step!