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Andalusian Folklore and Literature

Andalusian Folklore and Literature

by Francisco Jesús Guardia Cano - Number of replies: 5

Andalusian folklore is present throughout Federico García Lorca's works. Characteristic vocabulary, customs and superstitions populate many of the writer's works. And, in fact, many poems by Lorca have become part of Andalusian folklore and other parts of Spain thanks to songs. 

For instance, in La Casa de Bernarda Alba, Lorca echoes the custom of wearing black and spent a certain amount of time in reclusion inside house during the mourning period (the time varied depending on the grade of relation between the mourner and the deceased) It was a very extended use that also included the prohibition of eating sweets or even certain fruits (watermelon, cherries or strawberries was forbidden for their red colour)

Flamenco was also part of his works, particularly symbols as the moon, ropes, knives, omens...

Did you notice it? Have you read a poem or a play and wonder the symbolism behind a word?

Is there a writer in your country who based his work on folklore?

We are waiting for all your comments. You can add photos or documents related to this topic if you have. Remember, you can find us on social networks! @abiertaUGR #MoocUGRLorca

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Re: Andalusian Folklore and Literature

by Sara Mouiha -
he aprendido muchisimo!!! muchas gracias, es un poeta excelente y no sabía que había estado en Cuba, New York, etc.
Ha sido muy enriquecedora la experiencia, y viviendo en Granada es imprescindible conocer la vida y las obras de este célebre artista andaluz.