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A "stonning" topic: fossils in Sierra Nevada

A "stonning" topic: fossils in Sierra Nevada

by Pablo Lopez Chaves - Number of replies: 0

Fossils have always raised interest amongst scholars and enthusiasts of geology alike. Sierra Nevada offers plenty of stunning sites whose fossils talk about its complex orogenic history. 

Some places, such as the “Cerro de las Pipas” (which could be translated into English as a rather funny “Sunflower seeds Hill”) are clearly related to the presence of Scaphopoda Dentalium. Nonetheless, some of our participants could be really surprised to know that there’s plenty of marine fossils on top of the highest summits. 

In order to delve deeper on this subject, we wish to present you a useful resource, a thematic walk through Granada and a request for help: 

- As a complement to capsule 3.1, here we have a link to the geological guide of Sierra Nevada (in Spanish), issued by the IGME (Spanish Geological and Mining Institute). From page 80 onwards there’s a dedicated section on fossils.

- Secondly, an interesting Wikiloc track published by user ignaciojimenezdebeyne, which invites us to walk through the streets of Granada spotting fascinating fossils still integrated in the ashlars and stones of monuments and other locations. 

- Finally, building upon the aforementioned walk, we wish to know which fancy examples on the use of fossils you could recall in your hometown.

We hope you make the best out of these resources. Looking forward for your contributions!